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about charite leta presenting at cambridge university

About Charite Leta

Greetings! I am Charite Kambala Leta, an enthusiastic investigator of the dynamic intersection where technology and economics converge. I’m fascinated by the economics of energy, the dynamics of the environment, and the transformative possibilities of blockchain. For a future that is technologically sophisticated and sustainable, I want to make use of these intersections. As you explore my path, you will find it is a tapestry woven with varied academic endeavours, solid teaching skills, and an unquenchable passion for learning and creativity.

About My Early Life & Origins

My first recollections are infused with vivid colours, bustling marketplaces, and the rhythmic rhythms of Congolese music since I was born in the busy metropolis of Kinshasa, DR Congo. My formative years were spent in Kinshasa, which, with its distinctive fusion of traditions and modernity, shaped my perspective and stoked my curiosity about the complex interplay between society and its economic foundations.

My parents taught me the importance of perseverance, consistent effort, and ongoing education. They underlined the value of knowledge and its capacity for transformation, which inspired me to pursue an academic route that would ultimately take me to South Africa. This is one of the many great things about my parents.  The chances and difficulties I encountered as I adjusted to this new environment each shaped me into the scholar and thinker I am today.

About my Educational Journey

My educational journey started in the vibrant metropolis of Kinshasa, DR Congo. I pursued my secondary education at C.S. Les Loupiots from September 2005 to July 2011, where I received my “Diplome d’etat.” This was a foundation for my early academic interests and is comparable to the South African National Senior Certificate.

I then relocated to South Africa, where I underwent a period of intense academic progress. The change had difficulties but also revealed numerous chances I wanted to seize.

My journey through higher education began at the University of South Africa, where I worked for a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics. Thanks to my economics background, I now have a greater understanding of the intricacies of international markets and the underlying dynamics that shape them.

I also pursued a National Diploma in Information Technology at Damelin College to broaden my skill set. This event broadened my viewpoint by merging the economics and technology worlds and laying the groundwork for my subsequent academic pursuits.

I eventually arrived at the prestigious University of Pretoria. Here, I dug even further into the complexity of economics, finishing my undergraduate degree with honours in economics and then doing my graduate degree in economics.

I’m studying the exciting intersection of economics and technology as I work on my PhD Economics at the University of Pretoria, with a particular emphasis on the revolutionary potential of blockchain to combat climate change. This conclusion of my academic work intends to sate my intellectual curiosity and shed light on possible futures for a planet at the nexus of technological advancement and environmental issues.

Each academic achievement has given me new information and sharpened my research comprehension, analytical skills, and love for economics and technological innovation.

About my Professional Experiences

Even though my significant concentration has been on my academic interests, they have continuously been bolstered by my practical job experience.

Assistant Lecturer at the University of Pretoria (2019)

During my time as an assistant lecturer, I supported the academic community. At the University of Pretoria, I had the distinction of facilitating learning for curious minds, which was a sign of my dedication to the industry. I was able to educate and learn from the engaging interactions with kids in this job, which helped me to develop my viewpoints and teaching strategies.

Entrepreneurship Endeavors (Since 2013)

In 2013, I formally started my venture into business, venturing out into the exciting area of digital technology.

Having come to understand the revolutionary potential of the digital sphere, I started my career as a digital marketing specialist focusing on search engine optimisation (SEO). My efforts in this area were directed at assisting companies in maximising their online exposure so they would rank highly in search engine results and successfully target their target market. Through this endeavour, I was able to put my academically acquired analytical talents to use while also gaining a thorough grasp of the rapidly changing world of digital marketing.

Website design is where my interests in technology and aesthetics met. Making responsive, visually beautiful, and user-friendly websites has become a passion. Through this initiative, I was able to work with a wide range of customers, each of whom had different needs and goals, which improved my capacity to convert concepts into practical and exciting digital platforms.

My ability to combine these commercial endeavours with my academic goals gave me a distinctive perspective. My academic background and direct experience in the competitive digital market gave me a thorough knowledge of the theoretical underpinnings and the practical facets of economics in the digital era.

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